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McKinley Elementary School is a K-5th grade elementary school located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

McKinley’s Mission:

The Mission of McKinley Elementary, a culturally diverse neighborhood school, is to challenge our students to achieve academic excellence within a positive learning environment by offering unique educational experiences and providing opportunities for personal growth and development through the continuous support of our staff and families.



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Congratulations to our Building Spelling Bee Winners

First Place

Leticia, 5th grader in Mr. Zieldorf’s Class

Second Place

Kolton, 4th grader in Mr. Wolf’s Class

Good luck at the District Spelling Bee on February 11th!

Congratulations to our Class Spelling Bee Winners

1st Grade:  

  • Ms. Payne:  Filiano (1st), Raven (2nd), Anais (3rd)
  • Ms. Diagne:  Joey (1st), Zyire (2nd), Hailey (3rd)

2nd Grade:  

  •  Mrs. Talley:   Gavin (1st), Eric (2nd), Hannah (3rd)
  • Mrs. Terry:  Christian (1st), Ana (2nd), Abelardo (3rd)

3rd Grade:  

  • Mrs. Swanson:  Aiden (1st), Lazarah (2nd), Emma (3rd)
  • Mrs. Richards:  Antonio (1st), Gianna (2nd), Gabriella (3rd)

4th Grade:  

  • Mrs. Maedke:  Alex (1st), Alexis (2nd), Mercedez (3rd)
  • Mr. Wolf:  Kiara (1st), Kolton (2nd), Joey (3rd)

5th Grade:  

  •  Mr. Kee:  Carla (1st), Juan (2nd), Rory (3rd)
  • Mr. Zielsdorf:  Leticia (1st), Majal (2nd), Hannah (3rd)